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Last Updated: 12th November 2019

Play-Off Round: 12 Teams*

Draw: 5th August 2019

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) will be in use from this round.

Champions Path

The losing teams from both the Champions Path and the League Path will enter the 2019/20 UEFA Europa League Group Stage

8 Teams, 2 teams enter this round and 6 teams advance from the 3rd Qualifying Round.

Teams Qualified for this round: Young Boys & Slavia Prague

1st Leg: 20th & 21st August 2019

2nd Leg: 27th & 28th August 2019

Team 1AGGTeam 21st Leg2nd Leg
Dinamo Zagreb3-1Rosenborg2-01-1
CFR Cluj0-2Slavia Prague0-10-1
Young Boys3-3*Red Star Belgrade2-21-1

League Path

4 Teams advance from the 3rd Qualifying Round

1st Leg: 20th & 21st August 2019

2nd Leg: 27th & 28th August 2019

Team 1AGGTeam 21st Leg2nd Leg
LASK Linz1-3Club Brugge0-11-2

Group Stage 32 Teams*

Dates: 17th September 2019 – 11th December 2019

Teams: 32

Tournament Statistics:

Matches Played: 80

Goals Scored: 259 (3.24 per match)

Attendance: 3,521,907 (44,024 per match)

Top Scorer: Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich – 10 Goals

8 Groups of 4 Teams, 4 pots of 8 teams, 26 teams enter the Group Stage, 6 teams qualify for the Group Stage.

Draw: Thursday 29th August 2019 5PM (BST), Monaco, UK TV: BT Sport

UK TV: All games from the Group Stage to the final will be live on BT Sport

117th-18th September 2019
21st-2nd October 2019
322nd-23rd October 2019
45th-6th November 2019
526th-27th November 2019
610th-11th December 2019

Pots confirmed 32/32 Teams

Pot 1Pot 2Pot 3Pot 4
LiverpoolReal MadridLyonGalatasaray
ChelseaAtletico MadridB.LeverkusenRB Leipzig
BarcelonaBorussia DortmundSalzburgL.Moscow
Manchester CityNapoliOlympiacosGenk
JuventusShakhtar DonetskClub BruggeSlavia Prague
Bayern MunichTottenham ValenciaCrvena Zvezda
Paris SGAjaxInter MilanAtalanta
ZenitBenficaDinamo ZagrebLille

Group Stage; Groups A-H


Q – Qualified for the Round of 16,

A – Advance to a further round,

T – Transfer to the UEFA Europa League Round of 32,

Y – Cannot Qualify for the Round of 16, but may still qualify for the UEFA Europa League Round of 32.

E – Eliminated from the Competition

X – Assured of at least a UEFA Europa League Round of 32 place.

Group A

1PSG 6510172+1516Q
2Real Madrid6321148+611Q
3Club Brugge6033412-83T
4Galatasaray 6024114-132E

Group B

1Bayern Munich6600245+1918Q
4Red Star Belgrade6105320-133E

Group C

1Manchester City6420164+1214Q
3Shakhtar Donetsk6132813-56T
4Dinamo Zagreb61231013-35E

Group D

1Juventus 6510124+816Q
2Atletico Madrid631285+310Q
3Bayer Leverkusen620459-46T
4Lokomotiv Moscow6105411-73E

Group E

3RB Salzburg62131613+37T

Group F

2Borussia Dortmund631288010Q
3Imter Milan6213109+17T
4Slavia Prague6024410-62E

Group G

1RB Leipzig6321108+211Q

Group H


Group Stage Fixtures

MatchDay 1: Tuesday 17th/ Wednesday 18th September 2019

DateGroupHome TeamScoreAway TeamKick-OffTV
17th SeptFInter Milan1-1Slavia Prague5.55PMBT
17th SeptGLyon1-1Zenit5.55PMBT
17th SeptENapoli2-0Liverpool8PMBT
17th SeptESalzburg6-2Genk8PMBT
17th SeptFDortmund0-0Barcelona8PMBT
17th SeptGBenfica1-2RB Leipzig8PMBT
17th SeptHChelsea0-1Valencia8PMBT
17th SeptHAjax3-0Lille8PMBT
18th SeptAClub Brugge0-0Galatasaray5.55PMBT
18th SeptBOlympiacos2-2Tottenham5.55PMBT
18th SeptAParis SG3-0Real Madrid8PMBT
18th SeptBBayern 3-0R.S.Belgrade8PMBT
18th SeptCD.Zagreb4-0Atalanta8PMBT
18th SeptCShakhtar0-3Man City8PMBT
18th SeptDB.Leverkusen1-2L.Moscow8PMBT
18th SeptDAtletico2-2Juventus8PMBT

MatchDay 2: Tuesday 1st/ Wednesday 2nd October 2019

DateGroupHome TeamScoreAway TeamKick-OffTV
1st OctoberAReal Madrid2-2Club Brugge5.55PMBT
1st OctoberCAtalanta1-2Shakhtar5.55PMBT
1st OctoberAGalatasaray0-1Paris SG8PMBT
1st OctoberBTottenham2-7Bayern8PMBT
1st OctoberBR.S.Belgrade3-1Olympiacos8PMBT
1st OctoberCMan City2-0D.Zagreb8PMBT
1st OctoberDJuventus3-0Leverkusen8PMBT
1st OctoberDL.Moscow0-2Atletico8PMBT
2nd OctoberEGenk0-0Napoli5.55PMBT
2nd OctoberFSlavia Praha0-2Dortmund5.55PMBT
2nd OctoberELiverpool4-3Salzburg8PMBT
2nd OctoberFBarcelona2-1Inter Milan8PMBT
2nd OctoberGRB Leipzig0-2Lyon8PMBT
2nd OctoberGZenit3-1Benfica8PMBT
2nd OctoberHLille1-2Chelsea8PM BT
2nd OctoberHValencia0-3Ajax8PMBT

MatchDay 3: Tuesday 22nd/ Wednesday 23rd October 2019

DateGroupHome TeamScoreAway TeamKick-OffTV
22nd OctoberCShakhtar2-2D.Zagreb5.55PMBT
22nd OctoberDAtletico1-0Leverkusen5.55PMBT
22nd OctoberACl.Brugge0-5Paris SG8PMBT
22nd OctoberAGalatasaray0-1R.Madrid8PMBT
22nd OctoberBOlympiacos2-3Bayen8PMBT
22nd OctoberBTottenham5-0C.Zvezda8PMBT
22nd OctoberCMan City5-1Atalanta8PMBT
22nd OctoberDJuventus2-1L.Moscow8PMBT
23rd OctoberGRB Leipzig2-1Zenit5.55PMBT
23rd OctoberHAjax0-1Chelsea5.55PMBT
23rd OctoberESalzburg2-3Napoli8PMBT
23rd OctoberEGenk1-4Liverpool8PMBT
23rd OctoberFInter Milan2-0Dortmund8PMBT
23rd OctoberFSl.Praha1-2Barcelona8PMBT
23rd OctoberGBenfica2-1Lyon8PMBT
23rd OctoberHLille1-1Valencia8PMBT

MatchDay 4; Tuesday 5th/ Wednesday 6th November 2019

DateGroupHome TeamScoreAway TeamKick-OffTV
5th NovFBarcelona0-0Slavia Prague5.55PMBT
5th NovGZenit0-2RB Leipzig5.55PMBT
5th NovENapoli1-1Salzburg8PMBT
5th NovELiverpool2-1Genk8PMBT
5th NovFDortmund3-2Inter Milan8PMBT
5th NovGLyon3-1Benfica8PMBT
5th NovHChelsea4-4Ajax8PMBT
5th NovHValencia4-1Lille8PMBT
6th NovBBayern2-0Olympiacos5.55PMBT
6th NovDL.Moscow1-2Juventus5.55PMBT
6th NovAParis SG1-0Club Brugge8PMBT
6th NovAReal Madrid6-0Galatasaray8PMBT
6th NovBC.Zvezda0-4Tottenham8PMBT
6th NovCDinamo Zagreb3-3Shakhtar8PMBT
6th NovCAtalanta1-1Man City8PMBT
6th NovDLeverkusen2-1Atletico8PMBT

MatchDay 5: Tuesday 26th/ Wednesday 27th November 2019

DateGroupHome TeamScoreAway TeamKick-OffTV
26th NovAGalatasaray1-1Club Brugge5.55PMBT
26th NovDL.Moscow0-2Leverkujsen5.55PMBT
26th NovAReal Madrid2-2Paris SG8PMBT
26th NovBC.Zvezda0-6Bayern8PMBT
26th NovBTottenham4-2Olympiacos8PMBT
26th NovCAtalanta2-0Dinamo Zagreb8PMBT
26th NovCMan City1-1Shakhtar8PMBT
26th NovDJuventus1-0Atletico8PMBT
27th NovGZenit2-0Lyon5.55PMBT
27th NovHValencia2-2Chelsea5.55PMBT
27th NovELiverpool1-1Napoli8PMBT
27th NovEGenk1-4Salzburg8PMBT
27th NovFBarcelona3-1Dortmund8PMBT
27th NovFSl Prague1-3Inter Milan8PMBT
27th NovGRB Leipzig2-2Benfica8PMBT
27th NovHLille0-2Ajax8PMBT

MatchDay 6: Tuesday 10th/ Wednesday 11th December 2019

DateGroupHome TeamScoreAway TeamKick-OffTV
10th DecENapoli4-0Genk5.55PMBT
10th DecESalzburg0-2Liverpool5.55PMBT
10th DecFDortmund2-1Slavia Prague8PMBT
10th DecFInter Milan1-2Barcelona8PMBT
10th DecGLyon2-2RB Leipzig8PMBT
10th DecGBenfica3-0Zenit8PMBT
10th DecHChelsea 2-1Lille8PMBT
10th DecHAjax0-1Valencia8PMBT
11th DecCD.Zagreb1-4Man City5.55PMBT
11th DecCShakhtar0-3Atalanta5.55PMBT
11th DecAParis SG5-0Galatasaray8PMBT
11th Dec AClub Brugge1-3Real Madrid8PMBT
11th DecBBayern3-1Tottenham8PMBT
11th DecBOlympiacos1-0C.Zvezda8PMBT
11th DecDLeverkusen0-2Juventus8PMBT
11th DecDAtletico2-0L.Moscow8PMBT

Road To Istanbul

RoundDraw1st Leg2nd Leg
Round of 1616th December 201918/19 & 25/26 Feb10/11 & 17/18 Ma r
Quarter-Finals20th March 20207th/8th April14/15 April
Semi-Finals20th March 202028th/29th April5th/6th May
Final20th March 202030th May 2020Istanbul

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